Saturday, 1 June 2013

10,000 Steps... And Beach Art

My bus is parked just up above the sand bank...
It's only a short walk across the grass and tussocks
and down a short sandy track to the beach below.
This is my exercise circuit... Along the beach...
5,000 steps there and 5,000 steps back...
When I'm not sick!
I took my camera for photos of what
I have called 'beach art'.
Some made by people who walk along here...
Some by nature... The wind and sea.

'The Fishing Table'
Made from bits and pieces washed up by the tide.
It's very convenient for hooks and bait and filleting.
And it's just below where I am parked.

'The Resting Place'
 There is a big puddle of water from the rain...
So no sitting today.

 'Circles and Lines'
It's amazing how many old tyres wash
up along the beach... Where from I wonder?

'The Side of the Road'
I don't think so... But a road marker it is.

Birds... I think they are Variable Oyster Catchers...
Looking for breakfast.

'5,000 Steps'
This is the marker I made... The intention
being to put a few more stones and shells
each time I get there!

Sculpted by the tide and waves...

Natural sand art...

There has been lots of pumice along the beach lately.
According to my dictionary 'pumice' is an acid glassy lava so full
of gas-cavities, it floats in water.
According to a recent article in the New Zealand Herald newspaper
it is from an underwater volcano at the Kermadec Islands...
Fascinating... Read about it here.

And this is the way home...
5,000 steps back. It's a long way till I can
see my bus in the distance again.
But what better place to walk.
Even when it's windy or raining it's beautiful.
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  1. So sorry you have been sick. But Tokerau is good for the soul and there will be sunny days. Did you get a fire installed? Might be a good idea?