Friday, 28 February 2014

I Do Like Cooking... With Wine...

 I can't remember what I was cooking for dinner...

But I do like cooking with wine... And sometimes a 
little gets added into the pot... But not too much!


Whatamango Bay... Further Round The Port Underwood Road

 This was our next stop... With my friend from Christchurch
who had come to adventure in my bus with me for a while... 
Parked right beside the water.

 A nice grassy spot all to ourselves.

 This bay is in the Queen Charlotte Sound... A few
permanent and holiday homes at the head of
this little bay and more houses hidden in the bush.

 The weather improved... The sun came out. 
It was biss with nothing more to do than sit in 
the sun and watch the tide come and go.

 The water was very shallow so no boats but a few
kayaks from time to time. The chanel and deeper
water was out at the point in the right of this photo.

 A full moon gave some spectacular night skies...

 This is early morning before the sun came up.
Everything is still and quiet...

 By the time we were up... Coffee was made...
And breakfast was ready the water was at our feet...

Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, marmalade... Delicious!
 The reflections and currents...

 Whatamango is another DoC camp.
It's big with 50 sites and more open that Whites
Beach. Still pesky sandflies but not as bad.

 There were buses, motorhomes, vans and tents
tucked everywhere but it seemed like we had
the whole place to ourselves. It was
so delightful we stayed there five nights before
reluctantly moving on... Back to Picton.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Whites Beach... Over The Hill On A Windy Road From Rarangi...

 This is the road into the Whites Beach DoC campground.

 The bush is lush and beautiful.
 Here I am. We  have chosen a spot in the sun
and out of the wind... Hopefully.

 The campground is a series of large and small
glades and areas tucked amongst the bush.

Unfortunately all are plagued by very pesky
hungry sandflies. It was damp and cool so 
we lit the fire and were soon snug. It had been 
quite cool and misty damp and cold winds the
last three days so although it is a beautiful area
it was not a must stay for a long time place... For us!

 The next day the sun came out but the cold wind
persisted. Not my idea of summer weather at all.
Coming from the warmer weather and humidity of
the Far North I was not impressed with my 
introduction to South Island beaches. I had a paddle
and nearly lost my toes through frostbite. 
A swim... No thanks!

 But the sky and sea were beautiful to look at.

 This is a picnic reserve... The path leads to the beach.

 And the surf club... That indicates it is a popular
swimming and surfing beach.

 It was very beautiful surrounded by steep bush
clad hills.

 This restored old cottage gives a glimpse into
the history of the area. The DoC Ranger lives in it
and he gave us a tour through it. All the old timber
walls and floors are amazing.

 It is also well signposted for the many walks
in the area with a detailed map and estimated
times. When I'm walking properly again and
in this area again some of those will be a must do.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rarangi... Exploring The Coast From Picton...

 I have been in Picton a week or two but while I have 
been here I have gone off exploring round the coast
along the road from Waikawa to Rarangi.
I started at Rarangi and here I am parked at the
DoC camp...

 I was surprised at how popular it was... Apart from
buses and caravans there were vans and cars...

 All parked under the trees and being slept in.

 This is the DoC camp from the top of the hill.
It's an odd shape but because the shingley sand is
soft the areas for heavy vehicles have been
compacted so we don't get stuck.

 I went for a walk across the soft shingle...

 Through the beautiful wild sea coast weeds...
And up the steps of the path in the background of 
this photo that goes over to Monkey Bay.

 I got to the top... Slowly. It was all concrete steps,
but I couldn't get down the rough track going down
the other side. But it was a real achievement getting
that far. As  you can see it was cool and misty rain.

 Looking down on the rocks, the bull kelp thrashing
around in the rough tide.

 The view along the shingle beach to the hills and
the Wairau Bar which has developed from shingle
washed by the tides from the Awatere River...
All on an information board at the top of the track.

The view of Rarangi and Cloudy Bay from the
top of the hill the next day on the way over to 
Whites Beach... My next stop.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Next Destination... Picton

 From my few days parked at Vinegar Hill it was only
a short drive to Wellington. I left early as I wasn't sure
how long it would take me or how often I would want to 
stop for coffee and how much traffic there would be... 
You know how it is! I was booked in the 1pm ferry to
Picton. I have been on the ferry many times but not
with a vehicle of this size.  but it turned out to be a
piece of cake - or if you're not familiar with that saying...
It was easy. Here I am parked in the queue...
I was also a bit anxious about my leg with stairs
and difficult places but that was all ok too... A lift, a cafe 
and comfortable seats made for a pleasant journey.

 Waiting to drive on board.

 Along with all the road-haul trailers...
 And trucks...

 And trains...

 All aboard the InterIslander Arahura and off we go...
I don't like the ferry, or rather rough seas, so I avoid 
the ferry and fly when I don't have a vehicle. But this 
time it was me and Licorice Allsorts. Luckily the
whole trip the sea was calm and still, we even saw 
some jumping dolphins... So I made it safely to
Picton to stay with friends there for a while...
And am having a wonderful time. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another Bedford Called... Snow Goose

 The other Bedford I met was Snow Goose... A
1961 J4. Recently bought in Invercargill, it is the
5th Bedford Kaye has owned since 1974.

 A little vardo is towed behind...
This is Kaye and Chris... Two more members
of the Gypsy Fair.They are travellers who
love life on the road... Work hard and sell
their wares at the Fair. This is their 1st
season with the fair. Previously they spent
12 years selling their art in galleries.
As you can see Chris can only just... Or
not quite, stand up in their bus. They are
in the process of doing up the inside and plan
to pop the top to increase the head height.
Kaye loves retro and autumn colours and
you can see her influence in her clothes
and the developing decor in the bus.

Kaye paints... Folk Art
This is an order... But there's more like this.
Lovely art work for the garden...
Unique little labels...
For specific plants.
Chris makes creatures from New Zealand Harakeke 
Each one is a unique creation individually crafted
and no two are the same. They are inspired by
Chris's passion for New Zealand flora and fauna.
So far they have found their way to 22 countries
round the world.
Spiders... And lizards...
This octopus is gorgeous...

And little New Zealand Kiwis.
The Gypsy Fair is in Richmond, put of Nelson,
weekend of 22/23 February. I plan to be there.
On the web site it looks so unique and exciting.