Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Poem About... Me!

I've been parked with some friends in Rangiora, North Canterbury.
We have each had lots of stories to tell and laughs to share as
we catch up. They are fascinated by my old Bedford bus, 
me, and my current chosen lifestyle.
Carolyn wrote me a poem... Which she had put in a glowing
red frame... It's sitting on top of my fridge with some of
 my books... It makes me laugh!

There is an old lady who lives in a bus
What a fuss to live in a bus
It is cosy inside with patchwork and pillows
Bright color cushions, the smell of wood willows.

A tiny wee stove that warms her feet
Boils her soup, Oh what a treat
A very small bathroom with a composting lu
A bedroom so gorgeous, A room with a view.

Once when away "Brat" rat came to stay
Oh dear what a mess so rat had to pay
Started the engine and knocked him flat
Poor "Brat" rat never came back.

Outside a locker, a table and herbs
It sure looks inviting and quite superb
She thought of a name, now let me see
"Licorice Allsorts"  Wow! That will do me.

So off she drives, from North Cape to Bluff
Just loves her freedom but that's not enough
Makes lots of friends on her far and wide travels
On tar seal and roads that have bumps
and rough gravels.

"So lovely to meet you" her friends like to say
Be safe on your travels, We'll catch up one day
 "Where to now"?  says Sir Bedford to Angie
Oh what a life, God bless you dear lady.

Monday, 24 August 2015

One Hundred Plus Years Old!

 Do you know what this is?
If you're my age you probably will...
The younger generations might not!

 The side-on profile... Yes, some bellows.
They are 100+ years old. Red leather which I
polished with Beeswax... And the front is brass, the
back is wooden. They actually work, there are
no holes in the leather so they puff out a little
puff of air. Not very effective on my fire...
I could blow harder. Purely a collectors item and
given to me coz they seemed a perfect companion
for my Little Cracker...

 I have hung them on the wall behind the drivers seat.
I don't know yet if that's quite the right place for them...

But they add to the little collection of the old picture of marigolds
that belonged to my mother, I've had it re-framed... And the old
blue frame, given to me by a friend, that's been on many adventures
 and could tell a story or two... And the little red frame that was 
round something else and I painted it... With a picture of me at 
the beach... So I can remember what it's like when I'm not there!

Friday, 14 August 2015

My Little Cracker Gets A Rain Hat!

This is where I've been today. In anticipation of some rain when
I go exploring to the West Coast, I decided to put a rain hat
on the top of my chimney... I went early as I couldn't light
my fire or the chimney would be hot! 
And it was a cold frosty morning.

As I was in the vicinity, on my way to Christchurch, again, I
went to visit Bert himself...

Up the ladder..

The cone taken off the top of the flue and the rain hat fitted... 
It swings with the wind so will always have it's back to the 
prevailing wind and rain...

A few other adjustments made to the fitting of the cone on top to 
allow more ventilation as my ceiling
 inside was getting too  hot.

And all set to go. Bert also measured the overall height of
my bus... Just so I know when I am going under low bridges.
I'm 3.5 meters... So well under legal height and can safely
get under the rail bridge in Kaikoura on the road to the
Whaleway Station... It's 3.6meters!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Best Fritters Ever...

I found this fritter recipe on Facebook. You would think that
fritters are mostly all the same... Something in a batter...
But not these ones. They were delicious, tasty, light and
fluffy. I served them with bacon, avocado and relish...
For breakfast! but equally as good and filling
for lunch or dinner.
Here's the recipe... For one/two people...
Grate one courgette onto a double layer of paper towel.
Squeeze out excess liquid. Put into bowl.
Add two rounded tablespoons ground nuts... I
used hazelnuts because I had some in my fridge.
I think the recipe I found used ground almond meal.
Break in one or two eggs and mix together.
Can add a little chopped red onion, chopped parsley
and some chilli flakes...
Cook in spoonfuls in oil, I used Coconut oil.
Because they cooked quickly the grated 
courgette was still crunchy... Delicious.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Amberley Truck & Auto... A Grease And Other Things...

 This is where I've been today... Getting a grease and various things
like... The play in the steering adjusted, a brake check on the
rollers then the brakes adjusted, the clutch adjusted and  a return 
spring fitted, all lights and blinkers checked. 
I had booked in for a grease but all the other pre-Cof things
got looked at as well... Nothing was a bother and
the price was extremely reasonable.
I highly recommend stopping here... Talk to Tony.
He also made me a list of things he will look at next time...
In another six months when I get my annual service.
I'll definitely be back.
 I was the only 'small' vehicle tucked in beside these giants.

It was a freezing cold day, six degrees and I didn't light my
fire, anticipating I would be in the workshop.
Most of the time my door was wide open and
keeping warm was an issue. But all worth it... The
work was finished and Tony suggested I get a Cof
through him, mobile VTNZ visit on a Tuesday... But it was
Wednesday and VTNZ were in Culverden.. But 'no worries'
Tony phoned them and they called in on their way back to
Christchurch. Fifteen minutes later and a new wiper blade
 and I had a new Cof...
On the road again for the next six months.
Look here for location and contact details.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mt Lyford... On The Inland Kaikoura Road...

 My bus had been parked for two weeks and needed to go for a run
somewhere, so decided to go to Mt Lyford as I don't remember
going there before... It's on the Inland Road and I always
travel round the coast it's so beautiful.
So off my friend Robin and I went, heading to the snowy
mountains you can see in the back ground.

 Over the Kahutara River where if there was any water we
missed it...

 Getting closer... Mt Lyford is 56km from Kaikoura, half way to 
Hanmer Springs. A steady climb all the way... And it got
noticeably colder...

But Hey! We're heading to the mountains and the snow...

And here it is... Both sides of the road. It snowed through
here about a week ago and the roads have been graded.

 The last river had no water but this one, The Conway River
 has both water and snow. I had to stop for photos. It looked
so awesome...
Like a fairy land postcard...

And here we are...

The Mt Lyford Lodge and The Saints restaurant.

We went for a walk... The is the road, 4km to the Mt Lyford
village and then access to the ski fields.

The lawns and gardens were covered in snow...

But there were some sheltered spots in the sun... But far too
cold to think about eating lunch outside.

The restaurant was open, the snow had been cleared
from the entrance pathway. Above this photo there was
thick snow on the roof melting and dripping onto the path
so it was a quick dash to the door.

Inside, downstairs there was a roaring log fire going. We
sat there and had a coffee and looked at the menu then ventured
upstairs and found a sun lounge and these decks in the sun...

So it was lunch outside after all... The views were amazing...
Bush and mountains and snow and crisp clean air.

Two pieces of fish and six chips... That's what I asked for
and that's what I got, plus salad. All yummy.

On the deck below we found these hot tubs... Guess
where we spent the rest of the afternoon. What luxury.
I'll be going there again. All sorts of accommodation
from $15 a night for a tent site to $130 for a motel...

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

And Then There Were Nine!

I have been feeding eight sheep for the past month... Then this morning there were nine!

Isn't it the cutest little creature, just a few hours old. I don't know if its a boy or a girl!
Not much of a farmer am I?
Then I went to feed the hens who haven't laid me any eggs... Until today!

Nine little eggs. Guess what I had for breakfast?

97 Years Old... A Day To Celebrate...

 This is my Dad. I've shown you photos before
but last Friday he turned 97...

He had a great day surrounded by cards and presents
from his family who live all round the world.
The big balloon came from Court Florist in Christchurch.
The coffee from one of his grand daughters who has
Totally Roasted cafe at Pohara, Golden Bay and roasts
 coffee in Takaka. The bouquet is from Edible Blooms.
The 'blooms' are chocolates arranged round a bottle
of Steinlager - sent by a grandson who lives in Taipei.
Cards from Australia, New Zealand and America...
All made it a special day.