Friday, 31 May 2013

Back In The Far North... At The Beach Again

I left Sydney, said goodbye to my daughter
who is going to live in France...
And flew back to New Zealand.
I spent another week in Christchurch
staying with my Dad, making sure he was
happy and well provided for...
Then back to the Far North... To my bus.
That was a bit traumatic as while I had
been away... the mice will play.
I spent three days cleaning and washing
and getting rid of mouse droppings and nests.
I caught 3 mice but I'm sure many more
had made my bus home while I was away.
I now have mice and a rat trap set all the time.
Yes there was also a rat...
Had made it's home in the motor somewhere and
chewed through the leather sleeve round the old gear stick,
trying to get inside.
The mice, or rat had chewed through some of the
electrical wiring so next was a visit to
the Auto Electrician...
And then I got sick with a virus that I
thought I would throw off in a couple of days...
But 23 days later after eating so much
garlic and ginger the local supermarket has run out!
I'm slowly getting better.

It was lovely to come back to one of my favourite
beaches... Tokerau Beach... And relax and stay in
bed and try to get well again.
I came back with the resolve of walking
10,000 steps along the beach each day...
But haven't achieved that while I have been sick.

We have run the gamut of weather lately...
Beautiful sun, lots of rain... And for
36 hours gale force winds with thunder and
lightening. In between all this there
has been some spectacular sunrises...
The top photo at  at 07.02.17am...
The next one a few seconds later at 07.02.28am.

And some beautiful sunsets...
This is the reflections looking to the North East...
Taken at 17.42.09...

And this one taken at 17.42.56...
Looking west.
The times interested me as the days are getting
shorter... Only 21 days till the shortest day
and it's very noticeable... Then the days will start
to get longer again... But colder...
And I don't like the cold.
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  1. Get well soon and keep warm!

  2. Fabulous pics Angela. In such a wonderful environment you could but only get well....even if it takes some time.