Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Cleaning The Silver!

In Dad's kitchen drawer is this collection of lovely
silver spoons. My mother was interested in
antiques and would have both inherited some
of them and bought others as treasures from 
various places. There were all incredibly tarnished
and looking very sorry for themselves, especially
the one on the far left that had been in the salt jar.
I decided I would polish them...
It brought back childhood memories of the days
when we had a lot of silver... Silver tea services...
Silver trays... Silver cutlery sets... Silver serviette rings...
And they were all regularly polished...
Usually on a Saturday...
I wonder if your family had such rituals?
So I got out the 'Silvo' and polishing
clothes... And ended up with lovely clean
shiny spoons... My favourite is the little
round salt spoon. The one on the left
that has been in the salt jar is very tarnished...
I couldn't get that one clean.
I don't have the polishing bug a any more...
Once was enough!

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