Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tractors... And More Tractors...

 Dad and I went to visit my friend Marilyn who I went to
 primary school with... We have known each other for sixty five years!
A long time. Our lives have gone in different directions but 
whenever I am in Christchurch I go and visit. Marilyn
and her husband Bob, were pig farmers but have retired
from that now... Pig farming has changed and their
son has taken over. Whenever I visited, a highlight
was walking through the pig sheds... Big pigs, little pigs...
Baby pigs... But no more it is such a technical business
today that the pig sheds are totally enclosed, sealed and
out of bounds for hygiene and disease reasons.

So instead I went to visit these two very large sheds
with totally different contents...

 Tractors... Yes tractors... All shapes, sizes, colours
and brands. All lovingly restored...

 Right down to the last smallest detail...

 New coats of paint...


 An amazing and large collection...

All Bob's pride and joy and the result of many
hours of hard work...

And some are still waiting... I think you need another
lifetime Bob!

Lots of people go to visit... I'm told restoring old tractors
is a global hobby. Are you an old tractor enthusiast?

Here's where you will find Marilyn & Bob...
They would love to meet you and share their hobby.


  1. Will be retiring at the end of the month from too many years in Dubai. I have just bought a bus just like yours. My daughter will collect it on Sunday for me. I will arrive in NZ early November. Just researching the bus etc and I stumbled on your blog. Magic! there is so much I would like to ask you re the bus, like does yours have power steering. Could it tow a small trailer with my Motorbike on it??


    1. Hi Duncan. Nice to hear from you. My bus has power assisted steering, that was top of my 'must have' list. It has an Izuzu 6BD1 motor so yes could tow a trailer or small car. Hope you enjoy your Beddie as much as I am. Stay in touch.

  2. I am still in Dubai until November so wont get a chance to play with it until then. Mine is not power assist but knowing that your is then obviously there is a retro fit kit. That and the "little cracker" will be the first jobs.