Thursday, 9 April 2015

Molesworth...To The Front Gate!

It's 100km from the Dashwood turnoff on SH 1 to Molesworth
boundary - another 46km for me to go...
(Do click on the photos to enlarge them, the scenery is magnificent)

Another one way bridge... Hope it will hold me up!
But... As ' Rosalia de Castro' said - "I see my path, but I don't
know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what
inspires me to travel it."

The whole 100km through the Awatere Valley
followed the Awatere River,

and the road followed the valley and the river...
Up and down and round about.

I stopped for coffee and dilly dallied just to soak up the
feeling of vastness and  space and silence.

The bigger mountains in the background is the Inland Kaikoura
 range dominated by Tapuae-o-Uenuku and Mt Alarm.

The road rises steeply then dips over deeply incised river gorges.
I've read that the road is easy now compared to the original
one which more or less went up the Awatere river bed and forded
the river many times. At least now there are bridges... And lots
of gates. By myself I had to get out and open the gate, get back
in my bus and drive through, get out and shut it, climb in again
and off again. I walked my 10,000 steps for the day getting
in and out time and again.

In some places the road is a bit like a goat track winding round
the sides of the hills. I'm very careful as no barriers should
I be careless enough to drive over the edge! 

Majestic mountains...

It's a long haul up the valley. I have passed other Marlborough
stations with their own resonance, Blairich, Awapiri, Jordan,
Camden, Upcot, Middlehurst and Muller, next to Molesworth.

Just me on the road!

Beautiful autumn colours. The water level in the river
is very low... So little rain for many months.

I'm nearly there...

Yes, 10km to go... Another gate to open...

Mmmm... Hope the cows are friendly...

The 'front gate' of Molesworth... I was so excited. I had made it 
this far - despite some negative predictions...
How many people over the many, many  years have been pleased 
to reach this gate... Early pioneers,  station owners, stockmen, 
musterers, rabbiters, station cooks visitors...
How many hands have patiently opened and shut it with 
thankful hearts that they are 'home'...


The last little bit...

And here I am... Parked in what is now the DoC camping 
ground, by the historic old Cob Cottage, the original homestead.
I have been welcomed by the ranger, invited to help myself
to as much firewood as I want and to enjoy Molesworth.
I have the place to myself, which is unusual I'm told...

And the day is ending, the moon is rising and I am in the
middle of nowhere but I'm 'at home' on Molesworth.
It was an awesome feeling, 900 meters or 3000 feet
high amongst huge mountains and vast open empty
spaces. I just sat outside and walked around absorbing
these feelings until it got dark... And the silence!
On this biggest and most famous farm/station in New Zealand.


  1. I am loving reading your posts on the Molesworth Rd, and seeing your photos. It's definitely one place that's on my bucket list :-)

  2. We are enjoying travelling along on your epic Molesworth journey, Angela, via your blog. Such great scenery, and it must be such a thrill to be at such an iconic place.

  3. You are amazing angela I have been flowing your blogs since I read about you in the dominion paper over Christmas. You are an inspiration to us all. Take care.

  4. Congratulations!
    It's said the journey is more important than the destination but it all looks wonderful.
    Great photos.
    Yes, the South Island scenery is magnificent...

  5. Hi there, I have been following your blog for awhile now and really enjoy your sharing of your travels, we have a campervan and intend to get on the road more once we retire !!! Molesworth is on the bucket list of where we want to looks amazing.......I look forward to each instalment and the fabulous photos....thank you and happy travels.