Monday, 28 September 2015


This is where Dad has moved to - Ilam Lifecare - into hospital level care. 
The five weeks I have been in Christchurch, this is what I have been doing. 
First looking for the right place for him then moving and then sorting out all 
the initial settling in issues.

But he's there now and settled and most importantly, he's happy. 
His room is on the 1st floor third window from the right.

It's a lovely building, 10 years old but very well maintained and not smelly. 
I can't tell you the terrible smell in some of the eight places I looked at. 
I wouldn't put my dog in them to live!
This is the reception area. During the week the lovely Michelle works here. 
There is a visitors book to sign in and out so if there was an emergency, it's 
known who is in the building.

Just inside the doors, opposite reception is this little waiting area. 
I park Dad here when I'm taking him out while I move the car to the door. 
Other people sit here and wait for taxis or their family to pick them up.

From reception there is 'The Street', the hairdresser, a shop with ice creams and lollies,
open certain hours, and a library. Next are the stairs and the lift.

This is the dining room. All residents have their breakfast in bed then for lunch
and the evening dinner they are all brought from their rooms unless very ill and 
incapacitated and sit at nicely set tables. It's a real hub bub of chat, 
noise and activity at meal times.

This is the community lounge. All the residents have a lazy boy chair on wheels
and they are wheeled around in their chairs. This is where activities and 
entertainment happen.
When I visit I often find Dad here. The staff have a real gift at getting people 
involved and he's not left sitting in his room by himself. 
Big round tables are moved in for activities and people are parked at them for 
afternoon tea so they can chat or at least see and be with other people.

And round the corridor to Dad's room. He's in number 22 - if you want to visit!

And here he is... Feet up, bell at hand. Every room  has a hospital bed, 
a lazy boy chair and a chest of drawers.Each resident can put what else 
they like as long as the bed stays in the middle of the room and there is 
room to maneuverer chairs, wheel chairs, and a hoist if needed.

We squeezed in his favorite pieces of furniture... The grandfather clock he loves, 
the cap is a jockey's cap from my brother's race horses. The corner wot-not was 
essential - the cupboard at the bottom has his whisky and little glasses! 
A daily whisky or two... That's why he's lived so long!
One of my tasks is to get the afternoon staff to pour him a tipple when I'm not there... 
It seems to be  happening. His favorite ornaments, his tray of breakfast spreads - 
he's very fond of pickle on his toast! The essential bits and pieces on his dressing table - 
razor, hearing aids, shoe horn. One one of our walks we picked the branch of yellow 
Forsythia. He likes his own tea and coffee, you can see the two caddies and has his own 
tea pot and coffee plunger.
We hung up lots of his paintings on every available wall space.

His notice board and picture board that I made him... All family memories...

And this is his view... Looking out to Ilam Road. He sits and watches all
the comings and goings. His ranch slider opens onto the little deck, not that 
he would sit out there but it's going to be lovely to have the door open to the 
afternoon sun in the summer. This faces west north west so the afternoon and 
evening sun and sunsets.
He's happy... I'm happy that he's happy. 
All the weeks of hard work have been worth it.

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