Sunday, 27 September 2015

Parked at Weedons... Again!

Here I am, parked at Weedons - again! It's a great place to park while I am in Christchurch. 
I've been here for a month and this week am getting ready to move on and go exploring again
for a little while.
I've got a rental car, which I took back today, so for the next couple of days until I do finally
leave I will be using the public bus service which is very convenient as it goes past the gate.

As you can see I've got rather settled. Laundry, bags of firewood, my mini tramoline covered
up against the rain and my little trolley to carry the bags of firewood on.

Across the next paddock by the containers and pine trees on the right of this photo, is lots 
of pine trees so lots of cones and firewood. There is some building going on - another shed 
that is going to be for live on site caretaker in the front, at the back the machinery for 
maintaining this place. The machinery is currently on one end of the bigger shed. When that
space is emptied out, toilets and laundry facilities are going to be built.

And at the end of the property is the long term parking area. There is no time limit so some
vehicles have been there for a long time while owners travel overseas or it's a parking place
if people don't have off road space where they live. All in all, a great NZMCA property.

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