Thursday, 19 November 2015

Brakes... And Free Range Eggs

Have you missed me... I'm sorry about that. Life took
some unexpected turns and has been both a bit chaotic,
frustratingly slow and stressful... But here I am... Again!

I left Lake Rotoroa to continue on... Next stop Motueka.
But coming over the Hope Saddle then the Spooner
Range my brakes gave me a real fright and wouldn't
work properly... Sometimes they would, other times
not at all so I had to rely on gears and my handbrake.

I made it this far... Half way along the Motueka
Valley and saw this sign. Hurray... I needed eggs.
I stopped, barely missed taking out the letter box,
as the brakes didn't work again... Rock hard...
No play in them at all so no stopping!
But I did stop...
 In the middle of nowhere...

 And was invited by the 'egg lady' to stop and
park for the night. Backing in and parking was
difficult with spasmodic brakes. I managed to not
flatten the farm gate which is behind me.

 Stanley Brook is the name of the farm and also
of this area through the Motueka Valley.

 I was surrounded by peaceful countryside.
It was 4pm, lovely and warm and sunny.
A perfect place to enjoy the sun and a red
wine... some company from the owner who 
came to chat...

 I'm surrounded by well over 100 chooks that
are rotated around 4 paddocks. They put themselves
to bed in their hen house when they are ready
and lay their eggs all morning.

The eggs were the yellowest yolks I've ever had
and were so fresh they poached beautifully and
stayed in one round ball of egg and didn't
wander everywhere - as they do when not fresh.

Do stop of you go this way.

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  1. Hiya Angela, glad to hear you are ok did miss your blogs was worried about you. Take care, cheers, katherine