Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Brakes... And Deans Trucks...

 Well... From a beautiful lake, to a lovely orchard and now...
Here I am at Dean's Truck Services.
I just pulled in on the off chance they wouldn't be too busy.
After all... I was sure the brake problem was just a loose wire
or cable... Or something!

 As usual in these truck places I was surrounded by all sorts
of vehicles much bigger than me.

 But I parked in the sun and waited, they were busy and
would have a look when they could squeeze me in...
Three hours later I was put over the rollers and found I had
no brakes at all on the front left wheel. That explained why,
when the brakes did work I lurched to the left. Also the
vacuum assist wasn't working... That's what made the
brake pedal hard like a rock and not usable... Oh dear!

 So I was directed further along the road to Marchwood Park...
A council camping ground and found somewhere to park
Two mechanics from Dean's arrived...

 And spent two hours taking of both front wheels, 

 And absolutely everything to do with the brakes except the axel.
Turned out the right hand brake cylinder was leaking
and this side began to leak as it was taken apart.

 So I was propped up on blocks and jacks, a wheel put underneath
in case anything collapsed to be support #2...

 The big vacuum drum was taken off...

This is the mess the oil leak made...
The brake cylinders had to go to Christchurch...
The vacuum drum to Nelson...
And there I was... Going nowhere.
But Deans very kindly lent me a courtesy car.
I had come from Christchurch and made it this far.
It was my daughter's 50th birthday in Pohara
and do or die I was going to get there...
And I did thanks to Deans.

Little did I know at the time that my bus was not
going to be mobile again for three weeks!

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