Monday, 14 December 2015

Fire At Balmoral Reserve... North Canterbury

 My day started of peacefully. Beautiful sun, no wind and
breakfast outside... Kumera and parsley rosti, poached eggs and bacon. 
The black specs are kelp! Yum...
I sat in the sun most of the morning finished reading a book
then gave myself a pedicure... and was  just pottering
through the day when...

 Suddenly I was enveloped in smoke and coughing. I raced
outside wondering if I was on fire but there
were thick clouds of smoke billowing though the trees. The
bush and scrub were on fire.
I've never packed up so fast, things thrown into the bus and
I was off out the gate. I drove over the Hurunui River bridge...
And could see what was happening... Fourteen fire trucks and
water tankers and three helicopters with monsoon buckets...
Plus police, trucks, men with quads... The helicopters
dropped buckets of water for four hours...

 And smoke everywhere for a long way down the river.
The countryside is brown and tinder dry.
The teenager from the camp ground who struck the match
set fire to a lot more than he intended.

 But eventually it was under contrtol, the noise stopped
and everything was peaceful as the sun began to set...
What a long afternoon wondering if the fire would
be brought under control before dark.

 I'm parked up the Hurunui Bluff Road at a lookout point.
It was a birds eye view for me and many others.
But I'm here by myself now...

Don't know if I'll venture any further tomorrow!

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