Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Wheels Are Back On... But!

 The day finally came and Tom from Deans Trucks turned
up one morning with all my brake parts. A few hours later
all the bits and  pieces were put together and the wheels went
back on. What a relief. Life on the road was looking as
though it might happen again. Then the brake vacuum drum...
But oh dear... Something wasn't working... 

 So it was into the workshop again and over the pit...

 Surrounded by all sorts of things...

And other buses... While the problem with the brake vacuum
drum got sorted out. It actually had to go back to Nelson again...
So I spent two days and the night in between
parked here. I find myself sleeping in some strange locations
sometimes but this is the first time in a workshop over the
pit - by myself - Only two conditions, the light had to be left on
all night..  There was no way I was staying there in the dark... 
And I wasn't  to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast...
They'd all want some!
 Trucks of all shapes and sizes...

But that yellow vehicle peeking out... Is that another Bedford?

 Sure enough... Looking rather neglected and forgotten
but it belongs to a lady who is restoring it... With Dean's help!

Here are Dean, on the left, Tom, he's so cute! He did most of
the work on my brakes and told me all about his girlfriend
and whitebaiting and fishing... He's the apprentice...And Charlie. 
I'd say these three muskeeters are the best and most good natured
Bedford repair experts I've come across. 

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