Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Gillespies Beach

From Franz Joseph I walked round Lake Matheson, not a very good day with a bit of wind so the reflections were poor and I'm sure you have seen zillions of photos of that lake. On the drive there very good views of Fox Glacier.
Next stop was Gillespies Beach. It's about 16km west from Lake Matheson. The road description is not good so I enquired at Doc then off I went. It's hard dirt, narrow, windy, absolutely beautiful bush right to the side of the road and passing wasn't impossible. There is a Doc camp right by the beach, big vehicles in the car park and plenty of grass areas for tents. I got there by late lunch time, a few others there but by early evening it was packed and standing room only.
It's another amazing place...

A stunning beach. A few brave souls were swimming. I tried fishing but the waves just tossed my line back in.

This is the back side of Mt Cook on the right and Mt Tasman on the left. The GPS told me they are 21km away.
It was a surreal feeling standing on the hot stony beach, blue sea on one side, snow covered mountains on the other.

Along with lots of others I sat on the beach and watched the sun set into the sea...

The last rays of sun on the mountains.

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