Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lake Ianthe... And a Salmon!

This is Lake Ianthe, quite a small lake not far south of Hokitika.

The parking, although a DoC camp is a tiny area just off the road. Only parking for about four vehicles.
I was feeling a bit stressed when I got there late in the day. The day had been busy and a bit rushed...

So what better relaxing therapy than fishing. There was a small jetty so that's where I spent the evening as it got dark looking at this beautiful view and darkening sky.
I was feeling better and it was nearly dark... And snap... Definitely a fish. It didn't fight much and as it's the first fresh water fish I have caught - finally! I had no idea what to expect.
It was easy to put my net underneath it and lift it out...

I had no idea what it was... It had to be a trout or a salmon of course... I cut off it's head and tail and gutted it. The skin produced an amazing amount of slime... It got washed and onto a plate in the fridge to be investigated more in the morning...

It turned out to be a sea run salmon... Just look at the colour of it.

I smoked it and here it is ready to eat... So fresh and yummy. 
I want to go back there and catch another one of course! I've been fishing in lots of rivers and lakes...
But so far this is my only fish.

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