Monday, 28 October 2013

Auckland... Picnic at Coxs Bay

It was a lovely hot sunny Sunday.
We had spent the morning in the garden... Me repotting
and replanting all the pots and plants on the
back of my bus. Then it was off to the beach
with a picnic... Some yummy goodies we had bought
at Farro's... The most divine food and deli shop.

We ate our lunch sitting on the grass under the trees...

Then moved onto the sand to sun ourselves... I
promptly went to sleep it was so soporific.

Coxs Bay is on the Waitemata Harbour west of the harbour
bridge. The harbour trickles its way a lot further west and
 would end up being little sea water creeks and mangroves.
It's very tidal the further it goes. Here it's still quite sandy but the
tide goes out a long way. In the distance is the Te Atatu Peninsular
(for those who know Auckland).

It was a great spot in the sun. I wasn't tempted to swim...

 But a lot of children did.

The Pohutukawa Trees are lovely... My favourite tree.

Lying in the sand looking upside down through the branches!
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  1. Amazing. A city of 1.6million and only 7.2 people on this beautiful beach...