Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mr Pip... the Movie...

Mr Pip opened in Auckland while I was there. It was a
'must see' movie. It is the movie adaptation of the novel
by Lloyd Jones, a New Zealand author. It is named
 after the chief character in, and shaped by the plot of
Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.
Set against the backdrop of the civil war on Bougainville Island in
Papua New Guinea during the early 1990's.
Andrew Adamson wrote a film adaptation of the novel
which he also directed. It is filmed in
 New Zealand and Bougainville.
The story follows the life of Matilda stunningly played by
Xzannjah. The Herald review gave it 4 stars **** 

No more... do go and see it. It's history as it happened.
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