Sunday, 20 October 2013

Motu Kaikoura... Off Exploring

Well... Have you decided whether it's a 'Resort'?
It didn't really matter as the scenery was so stunning
and most of my time was spent outside.

This was the view from the deck...
My first day I spent the morning in the sun with coffee and a
book being totally lazy. Everybody else had gone out working
or walking well before I got up... So it was blissful solitude
and total silence apart from the birds.

 After lunch I took my rod, bucket and bait and decided
it would be perfect to spend the afternoon with a hook in the
water while I had a nap in the sun on the wharf. Well napping
didn't eventuate... I caught five snapper, three were too small
and I threw them back but two were big enough to keep.
It was such a surprise... The tide was out, bright sun, shallow
water... But all that didn't matter, it was fish for dinner.

The next day after another lazy morning with coffee in the sun
I decided to go walking and explore so set off along this road, past the
kitchen door and the cabins...

Further along this gravel road...

Through the beautiful ferns and pine forests...

I walked for about an hour...

Past this deserted farm house and sheds...

To this rock...

And sign... So onwards I went.Some others in the
group had told me about this track and the views.

Round the other side of the rock was the airfield...
Small planes only I think!
I walked to the end and in the distance...

Mt Overlook... Another hour away!

So off I went... The track got narrower and rougher.

And narrower and steeper...

But I was getting closer.

The terrain changed from open bush to sheer rock walls.

The last bit was a steep climb.

Near the top was masses of wild Maidenhair Fern looking
very green and lush. I had never seen it wild before.

Nearly there... The view was magnificent.

And there was the notice I had been told about...
A few more steps and...

I was standing on the rock at the top.

Stunning views in every direction.

Looking across at Great Barrier Island.

And out to the horizon in the distance.

Looking down... I was very high up on the top
of Mt Overlook...

But a dark sky and rain clouds
were suddenly looming and I hadn't taken a coat. I didn't
plan to go so far or be away so long. But I was pleased
to have made it to the top. I felt very virtuous.
It was a two hour walk back so I set off at a hasty speed
back through these tall Kanuka trees

And the long road home

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  1. Angela, I was on the weekend with you. Probably our photos of the Lost Resort are historic by now as the building was burnt down on 7 October and I am told by a Great Barrier person that the self-proclaimed arsonist did it in protest at a fishing contest which was going to be held there. Jenny