Thursday, 24 July 2014

NZMCA - Weedons Park

 When I left my Dads I decided to come here for the weekend
until I could gather my thoughts and decide what I want to do next.
The entrance off Jones Road...

 It's a  great place of wide open spaces.... So lovely after being
hemmed in by suburbia and the retirement village...

 Up the road and in the gate... the usual signs to be read...

 The 'Clubhouse' straight ahead where I stopped to register.
'Happy Hour' was in progress but I didn't stop as I
wanted to find a relatively dry spot and get parked before dark.
The gravel road loops around... Some vehicles haven't risked the grass...

But here I am... Parked in the middle on slightly higher ground.
My long side to the North for any available sun.

There's lots of space...

But at this time of the year the ground is all rather boggy

All the muddy wheel tracks...

At the far end of the paddock is a designated long term parking
area... A simple matter to park up here and get the
shuttle or a taxi and fly off to warmer climes.

I had a wander and found this interesting 'work in progress'.
It's a big heavy bus... Receiving a huge make-over.

Certain things still needing attention...

And... Perhaps in time... A new paint job.

Another interesting vehicle...

Gypsy Crystal...

And the day ended with the wide open vista...

Bathed in the most glorious sunset...
A great place to park up for a few days.
All details and conditions of parking on the
NZMCA web site.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all your doings Angela.
    You are a inspiration to all of us, Fantastic Photo's.
    Love the description of all the places you visit.
    I have followed your adventures, “quietly” for a long time now.
    Go well Girl and enjoy.