Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Magnificent Southern Alps

Canterbury is not called the 'Canterbury Plains' for no reason.
 The plains cover an area of 240 by 70 km (150 by 45 miles) 
 bordering on the Pacific Ocean. This is an aerial view
40km west of Christchurch. Where the seven roads 
converge is Charing Cross.
It's flat for a long, long way.

I was driving west towards the West Coast... To visit

I didn't go that far... About 30km... But the flatness and wide
views are awe inspiring.

Huge shelter belts and trees... Protection from the
major winds that blow across these plains.

And then the Southern Alps... That run 450 km north to south...
With a rainfall of 10 metres a year and slopes of about 35 degrees.

Across the paddocks...

The views and mountains are amazing.

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