Monday, 21 July 2014

Or Dinner Perhaps?

 What to cook for dinner... That's always a dilemma.
But I had been longing to get back in my bus, light my Little
Cracker and get back into fire top cooking in my cast iron pot.

 So what could be better at this very cold time of the year
than a hot chunky curried vegetable soup...
I used the vegetables I had... Chopped onion, garlic, carrot,
pumpkin, swede, celery... Added a good amount of hot curry
powder, some cumin and cardamon powder... A tin of chopped
tomatoes with a bit of added water... A shake from the chilli
flakes jar... And there you are... Oh and lots of tumeric...
And it's on to cook for the day.
Towards the end I added a couple of handfuls of raisins...
Adjusted the seasonings...

 And it's dinner time... It's cooked and ready...
Sometimes I put shredded chicken, or cooked then sliced
sausages or fillet steak and a big spoon of 'soup' over the top...

But this time it's served as soup... A spoonful of
spicy fruit chutney on top. Delicious... More anyone?


  1. Looks very nice. I now have my bus waiting for me in Pukekohe for when I arrive in November. Also ordered a little cracker after seeing your set up. Even better now I know you can cook on it too.

  2. Hello Angela, I met you at Riccarton Physio a couple of months ago. You recommended this website and I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck for your future travels. We may see you on the road somewhere. We are heading to Wanaka in our motorhome next Thursday. Cheers. Ann