Friday, 15 May 2015

Lake Tekapo... I'm Travelling South...

I've been in Christchurch long enough, it's time to go
somewhere... North, South, East or West?... Well I chose South
 The road south from Christchurch is amazingly flat and straight.
For a long, long way. This is south of Timaru... Heading
 west to Tekapo...

 All prosperous farming country and  a cool but sunny day...

 Until I got to the top of Burkes Pass and I could see a
weather change coming. I stopped and took these photos looking
all around me at the amazing variations...

 Dry tussocks and hills...

 Advancing clouds...

 And looks like snow?

 Well there was snow on the mountain tops.
 A bit further on and over the next hill... Lake Tekapo.
It's only 4pm and already looking quite dark.

 The next morning parked in the new NZMCA Park.
Overnight there was heavy rain but no snow.
You can see my fire going, definitely needed to
keep warm and dry.

 It's a lovely park, not very level though...

 Quite a lot of trees that gave me good shelter from the
howling north west that had developed but rather shady.

 Through the trees to look at the lake...

 And mountains...

 There is a walk way/ bike track... About 20 minutes walk...
To the Tekapo village.

 Past lots of new housing...

 Round the south end of the lake...

 To the historical 'Church Of The Good Shepherd'
Built in 1935 as a memorial to the pioneers
of the Mackenzie country.

 The view from inside... Looking north  up the lake.
Lake Tekapo is the second largest of three roughly parallel
lakes running north-south along the edge of the
Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New
Zealand, the others are Lake Pukaki and Lake Ohau.
It covers an area of 83 square kilometers and is at an altitude
of 700 meters above sea level. The lake is fed at it's northern end
by the braided Godley River which has its source
in the Southern Alps.

The Lake Tekapo dam and control gates...
Water from the lake is diverted through a 1.4-kilometre (4,600 ft) 
 tunnel under the town to the power station, with the water originally 
 being returned to the river. With development of the Upper Waitaki 
hydroelectric scheme in the 1970s, water is now fed into a 
26-kilometre (16 mi) canal which leads to Tekapo B 
on the shores of Lake Pukaki.

 Looking north...

 And south...

 From the top of the dam and the bridge into Tekapo village.

 It was a freezing day with a bitter wind but while I was
walking the sun came out. I found a sheltered spot behind the
shops to drink the flask of hot coffee I had taken with me.
The most fantastic view...

 The sun continued... And so did the wind... As I retraced
my steps... Looking at this stunning view...

Back to my bus parked amongst the trees.
I decided to move on... I had come down here
to try fishing in the canals...


  1. Angela

    If your heading to Wanaka, come be our Guest at the Glendhu Bay Motor Camp.

    Fans of Liquorice Allsorts: Lynley and Mike

  2. Thank you Lynley and Mike. I'm not coming your way this trip but maybe next spring. Will definitely visit then.