Sunday, 17 May 2015

Twizel... And The Salmon Canals...

 Well... Here I am... Ohau B Canal... Hoping to catch
at least one salmon...

 It was another long, flat, straight road to get here.

 I'm parked on the edge of the canal... It's
full of glacial blue water with a swift running current.

 It's very cold, an icy wind... Not a  particularly
attractive place. I fished here for part of two days.
I set my rod up in a  holder as it was far too cold
to stand outside. I didn't catch anything, salmon or trout.

 It's opposite one of the commercial salmon farms. People fish 
here in the hope that some salmon have escaped the farm pens,
which they do. Also the food from the farms flows into the
canals and the wild salmon and trout grow to big sizes. 

 It's a big enterprise, both sides of the road bridge.

 This is from the other side of the bridge, looking south west 
towards the mountains as the day ends...

Standing just behind my bus... The last of the day's sun on the
mountains to the north east and reflected in the clouds.

Here is a map that shows the linked canals. I am just past Twizel
where the red line SH8 crosses the canal. This canal is fed
from both the Ohau and Pukaki Canals from both those
lakes. The Ohau canal goes through two power
stations and flows into Lake Benmore.

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