Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kaikoura... Kowhai River Walk

It was a cold wind today so we looked for somewhere sheltered
to go for a walk and ended up here... The Kowhai River bed.

The Kowhai River is a river of the northeast of New Zealand's 
 South Island. It flows south from the slopes of Manakau
 in the Seaward Kaikoura Range, turning southeast 
as it reaches its narrow coastal plain.
It's a dry desolate sort of place but it was sheltered and
the little dog that my friend Robin owns, that we were 
walking was in 7th heaven with all the smells and 
bushes to sniff and explore.

The lovely river willows in their autumn dresses.

Not a drop of water to be seen anywhere. There has been a 
drought all summer and although the average precipitation
for this area in the winter months is 100mm a month
there has continued to be no rain for a long time.

This walking track is also a bike track but we didn't meet 
anybody walking or biking or any dogs...

In the distance of this photo which is looking to the east
is SH 1 and the bridge that goes over this river...

I found this picture online when the river has got some water 
in it. The walking track goes this far, then under the
bridge to the golf course on the other side of the
road and out to the coast... But we didn't go that far.

We turned round and went back to the car... Other things
to do... I'm not sure what but it was a rather boring walk.

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