Friday, 5 June 2015

Walnuts... It's Autumn, They're Falling On The Ground...

In this park just along the road from the rest home where
my Dad lives, I found this walnut tree (the middle one)...
I had walked through here many times but this time I was
walking slowly with Dad in a wheel chair and suddenly...

Amongst all the fallen leaves and sticks that I was gathering to
light my fire, There they were... Dad helped by holding the
bag and we picked up two big supermarket bags full.
I was amazed that nobody else had picked them up.
I love walnuts and eat them most mornings with my breakfast.

I dried them in the sun at the front of my bus for a couple of weeks
then on a nice sunny day while I was parked at South
Rakaia Huts, I began the tedious job of cracking them all open.

Yum, yum... Enough walnuts to last me a long time.
The only walnuts we have been able to buy are USA nuts at
$53 per kilo... So I was delighted with my foraging...

 The are very nutritious and read here - the seven benefits
of eating walnuts.

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