Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kaikoura - Seal Pups at Ohau Point...

 One of the things that Kaikoura is well know for is the
various colonies of New Zealand Fur Seals.
This is where I have been today... Can you spot the seals?

 While the parent seals are either sleeping in the sun or out at
sea fishing to feed themselves and their young, the young pups
make their way from the beach up the Ohau Stream to
a waterfall and pool. It's like Seal play school where
the babies practice their swimming and learn to socalise...

I wondered whether this sign applies to people or seals!

 The stream meanders downhill from the waterfall and
it was full of seals playing...

 And hiding... There are about six seals under this rock shelf.

 It's only about a 10 minute walk to this pool. About 20 seals
are playing and jumping and splashing...

 They move so fast it was really hard to get any photos.

 Here are some babies I saw on my walk back... It must be feeding
time and they are making their way back to the beach to find Mum...

The six seals are all in a tangle here as they slip at such speed
between the rocks. They seem to know exactly where they 
are going... Fascinating.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Angela. I always enjoy following along on your adventures.
    Rae :-)

  2. How lovely to see them. We have been there twice but obviously at the end of the season,only managed to see a couple of babies playing.

    Robin and jenny - Romany Rambler