Thursday, 29 October 2015

Murchison... Second Hand Shops


This shop is 'Somebody's Treasure'. It is an icon of Murchison.
It's been here for 25 years... It's quite a find...
 With two old shops packed full of items, be prepared to
spend some time here.

It's crammed full of tables and shelves
all absolutely loaded with everything imaginable. It specalises in
china and nick nacks but also books and bottles and numerous
pots and pans and has 100's of salt and pepper shakers.
  It has a large array of antiques and collectables  as well.  
It changed owners just one month ago and the new lady is in
her element, loving every minute of her day as she sorts and
stacks and gets to know her stock.

There is glass, ceramics, pottery, figurines, metalware, coppeware,
pewter, linen, antique paper, postcards, kitchenware, tins, antique tools,
wood items, general bric-a-brac and lots, lots more.

These were my purchases. I was delighted to find
this Carlton Ware dish for only $8. For almost 100 years Wiltshaw & Robinson, 
the makers of Carlton Ware, produced an extraordinary range of 
earthenware and china at its Copeland Street works in Stoke-on-Trent.
This dish is part of the 'Salad Ware' range probably made
in the early 1900's. It's hand painted and part of the
'Buttercup' design.
The little tea strainer is because I have taken a fancy
to organic loose leaf tea and don't always want
to make and drink a pot full.

It added to my little collection that I inherited from my mother.

This place is called 'Dust and Rust'. It's new and has been
established in the Old Commercial Stables. Do have a look
to see various photos of it up until today.
There are few examples of this type of colonial building
remaining in New Zealand. Originally, accommodation was on the
side with bedrooms and shared bathroom facilities available.
And it accommodated the horses of course, as it
predates the common use of motor vehicles. I think it was built mid 1800's
Can't you just hear the hooves and the rumble of iron-rimmed 
wheels echoing through the archway to the forge beyond?

Inside it is full of old - my great grandmother and grandmother's
era - household stuff, particularly old kitchen and scullery
things. I was fascinated and spent hours 'remembering'
back to my childhood.

This old Austin truck is a real beauty...

I bought this book for $5. If you can't read Japanese...
It's called 'Simply Zen'.
Ten years ago I spent ten days in a small part
of Japan, I absolutely love their simplicity
of style and attention to detail...

Lots of ideas should the day come when I don't live
in my house bus any more.

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