Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Waikuku Beach... The Other End...

Some of my Waikuku memories are still the same...
As I drove into the Waikuku settlement... there
is the shop and hall... Mostly the same...

The shop has different owners... Of course! and there is now
a cafe... Still the usual supplies and postal services.
The entrance has been changed to the far left side and
now has a little courtyard with tables...

The hall looks the same although over the years I'm
sure it has had a facelift, it's looking very smart.

There is this map on the wall which gives a good over view
of 'You Are Here' where the shop is, the area to the left where 
the camping ground is and and the wetlands area and river
mouth... And the area to the right where the little roads
are and most of the houses. I walked round and round
here looking for where we used to drive, probably at the end 
of Broadway, to a dirt track at the end then round through
the pine trees to a big flat clearing that had five old trams
parked in it... Four were made into batches and one
was an ablution tram with a big old bath and a copper that
we used to fill then light the fire then ladle the water
out into the bath. As kids we spent hours having so much fun.
It's hard to believe none of that is there now.

This is the road that goes between the shop and hall and
drives to the play ground and camping ground.

There is now a bus stop... Every two hours a bus goes to Kaiapoi.
From there a bus into Christchurch city. I don't remember
that being there but my brothers might remember!

Past the tennis courts, they were there and the play ground
but I don't remember the skate board ramp... I don't think
skate boards existed then!

Over the bridge...

And the lagoon... I remember the white house...

The big Macracapa hedges for shelter...

And the myriad of little streets and house... Now some still
old original batches and some replaced with new, built
to the sun homes and smart holiday places.

Broadway... Although nothing much is recognisable I think
this must have been the road. There is another street, Kiwi Street
and reserve further on but I don't remember those...

The end of the street...

And the last house. When the batches, which belonged to the
Christchurch Transport Board Social Club, were removed...
Life and bureaucracy must have been getting too sophisticated
and they were required to be moved, the Social Club built a house
like this that was two motels... We stayed there...

There is only this one access that could possibly have
been the old track...

I walked round here, very curious about what I would find...

And this was what I found, felled trees,  probably because of 
the strong winds... Some level places but nothing big enough
for the five trams that I remember... Tracks through the
sandhills, but none the one I remember that we used to run
through to the beach and hide and sunbake in the sand
and build pine needle huts...Childhood memories... Oh well...
It was 65 years ago and nothing stays the same.

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