Thursday, 22 October 2015

Whitebait... White gold...

 It's Whitebait season... Between 15th August and 30th November
except on the West Coast... Slightly sorter season there.
I showed you the whitebaiters at Ashley River mouth...
Well there were also a few people with nets at 
Salt Water Creek... Just a bit further north on SH1.
On the side of the road there was some for sale...
$100 per kilo... But only $10 per 100gr!
So of course I had to have some although it was
a total indulgence...

It's a small fish with a very big reputation as New Zealand 
whitebait is regarded as one of the most prized seafood 
delicacies in the country. Unlike European whitebait – 
small, whole herrings – whitebait in New Zealand are the 
sprats of galaxiids (slim narrow fish with forked tails, 
which as adults live in freshwater rivers and lakes). 
In this juvenile state, whitebait 'sprats' resemble 
fat translucent worms. 

 So into the mixing pot. I added one egg white and
one small spoon of rice flour...

 My little fritters cooking...

Served with new seasons asparagus... Yum, yum.
I ate them slowly!

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  1. Whitebait fritters - so nice. Pricey of course, but well worth a splurge now and again.