Sunday, 22 September 2013

Firewood... Coal... And Stuff

Now I have my fire installed... Of course
I need 'stuff' to burn in it...

 Here is the pile of branches that I cut up
with my 'Silky Zubat' saw. It's very sharp
so makes the job easy.

Buckets of small stuff...

Some I have stored in empty coal sacks...
Wrapped them in a tarpaulin and tied
them onto the bike-rack on front.

The bag of coal sits on the doorstep when
I'm on the move. Other times it's outside.

I had this little basket that is perfect for keeping some
'small stuff'  inside.

One of these seats I have emptied and relocated
the contents and it's now my 'bigger stuff' woodbox.
Also where the brush and shovel... the pan I put on the
floor in front to catch falling hot ash... And the
fire lighters can live during the day... And in the summer
when the fire is not going.

It's working perfectly...

A red hot pine cone.

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  1. Hi Angela

    Really enjoyed your blog. We have sold everything and have taken to the road and it is a life changing experience. Keep up with the blog (-: