Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Next Stop... Te Arai Point

Several people had mentioned this place to me... It's an Auckland
Council reserve that allows freedom parking. I wanted to have a
look... so here I am.

 Parked as close as possible to the beach and sand dunes.

Grass and sand at my doorstep... To the north...

And to the south. A beautiful day but it didn't last.

 Over the dunes behind me is a pine forest.

And I'm sure you know what I would find there...

 The weather forecast is predicting rain and cyclonic weather...
So off I went, bag and saw in hand...

Past these beautiful daisy's that I'm sure are noxious weeds...
And found bountiful pine cones and dry wood and
stocked up all my baskets and bins with firewood again.

The next day was grey and overcast so I went for a walk before the rain.
It's a beautifully maintained reserve... Toilets, rubbish bins,
a dump for buses and motor homes with a tap. The sign says
'Water not fit for drinking' but it's probably alright if boiled.

Old Pohutukawa trees and picnic tables.

A Kingfisher surveying his territory.

There are two parking areas the bottom one seems more
popular with over nighters.

There were two, then three, then four and more.
Today the weather, as predicted, is windy and heavy rain
so a good place to be parked and off the road. 

 Looking back from the top car park across the
dunes to my bus.

 The rock at the southern point is very popular to climb.

As I walked round there I discover another smaller rock...

And in between a tiny shelly beach. I bet the waves are
pounding through here today.

Another rocky little bay...

And the view to the south... Where today's weather is blowing from.

Back on the north side... the day is getting darker and darker.

It was mild and humid, I expected rain any moment as I set off for a
walk along the hard sand.

The misty view of the rocks and grey sea and sky...
Where does one end and the other start?

And back through the dunes and lupins to my bus.

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  1. What a beautiful place, so peaceful. Love all the birds too in your later blog post.

  2. It's nice spot, Te Arai. Keep on trucking!

  3. Beautiful spot that we have enjoyed once in our motorhome. Hope to get back. Your photos are great.