Sunday, 1 September 2013

Four New Tyres...

About a month ago I missed getting yet another
six monthly Certificate of Fitness for my bus...
I needed two new tyres. So I decided to replace
all four tyres on the rear, put the best two of the
ones I had on the front and then the spare.
So the dilemma was the brand, the  price and where to get them.
After several phone calls and research on the internet
I ended up getting Linglong tyres, made in China.
I got them through Carters in Whangarei...
Who offered the best price for this tyre which included
new tubes and liners and fitting.
They also gave me the NZMCA member discount.

Some of the truck tyre fitters were scathing of Chinese
tyres, others spoke of them highly... So I guess,
like with anything it's a gamble.
So here they... A 'Town & Country' style heavy tread.

They will probably outlive me...
And get me out of lots of tight and soft places.

This is Linglong's advertisement when I looked them up ...
8-25R16... The size and 16ply radial.

Shandong Linglong Rubber Co  has been established since 1975 and
is one of the top 20 world tyre manufacturers.
It is a huge company with 800,000 sq ft of buildings and 8000
employees among them 1600 technicians.
They manufacture 2000 different kinds of tyres... Their
annual output of bias tire is 4,000,000 sets. Passenger car
and light truck radial 9,000,000 sets, heavy radial 3,000,000 sets
and special tire 50,000 sets. They export worldwide.

Linglong is going Green, is dedicated to environment protetion...
It's innovations in plant design have helped protect 20,000 cubit
meters of land annually.

This year they inaugurated the  Shand Auto Cup 2013 China
Super Truck Racing. They hosted the first division and the
Linglong Tyre Truck Team ranked 4th in the 1st season.
The racing tracks established by Linglong are constantly
increasing in difficulty and dedicated to improving tyre

When I read all this I thought... Yes...
These tyres are just right for me...
Not that I'm planning to go track or road racing...
But they will help to keep me safe at my sedate speed!

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  1. I also use Linglong tyres and am very happy with them. I've had them on TFT for about four years and don't expect to ever replace them...

  2. Put them on our 2001 Terios a few years ago, never regretted it

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