Saturday, 17 May 2014

Abel Tasman Track... Beautiful But Cold!

 A perfect day as I set off on my walk...

 Over the first bridge and I left the information kiosk behind.

 The tide was in...

 Absolutely beautiful... But cold!

 There are three of these bridges...

 Over the tidal estuary.

 The track is very well maintained.

 The surface is sand so not at all slippery to walk on.

 Everything was well signposted...

 A deserted beach... Lots of footprints but no one there.

 The track follows the edge  of the coast line. Up a few
gentle hills with glimpses of the sea...

 And onto the next point of interest.

 A magnificent South Island Black Beech.

 And here was my destination for the day.

 Left over the bridge goes to a flat grassy camping area...

 Turn right and the track goes to Tinline Beach.
I had planned to sit in the sun and have lunch here
but it was wet and stony and in the shade so far too cold.
The temperature in the shade was about 5 deg. My breath
made foggy huffs. Lots of the track was in the shade but
in the sun was beautiful... About 10deg and I needed lots of
warm clothes on.

 So I beat a hasty retreat back the way I had come...

 Back to Porters Beach... In the sun.

I sat on this log in the sun and ate my lunch
as the tide disappeared and left large sandy flats.

 Homeward bound... Back to the three bridges...

My bus way over there... In the distance.

Beautiful golden sandy flats...
And I was home to a hot cup of tea
and to light my fire.

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