Saturday, 31 May 2014

Another Day... Another Sunrise... Another Place...

 Well... Here I am parked in Christchurch...
In Hornby - if you know Christchurch - outside
my Dad's house. The fence in the foreground
is around the edge of his garden. I've come to stay
with him for a while as he hasn't been very well...
As he's 96 I guess it's called old age!
He lives in his own villa in Woodcote
Retirement Village - so my first experience of
living in such a place... Not that I plan to stay 
here. I don't much like cities... I'd much rather 
be freedom parked somewhere in the wilderness
or at the beach... But here I am for a while...

 It was lovely to wake up the first morning I
was here to be greeted by this fantastic sunrise.
It was frosty and cold -5 but beautiful...

The sunrise is at 7.51a.m. and sunset at
5.03p.m... Nearly to the winter solstice
and the shortest day.

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