Thursday, 15 May 2014

Marahau... The Abel Tasman Track...

I'm in Marahau... Parked at the southern end of 
the Abel Tasman Track.
It's been the most divinely beautiful sunny day.
I went for a wander and a look around.
There is a DoC carpark with large 'No Camping' signs
everywhere. Along the road is a cafe that is closed
for the winter. Then the DoC information
kiosk that is where the track begins... Or end
depending which was you are walking!

It's full of maps and information and some
fascinating history... One direction is the Abel Tasman
Track, the other direction a shorter walk which I
decided was just right for me today.

This whole area is a large sandy tidal inlet.
This track goes a short distance...

Through the sea tussocks...

A couple of short board walks...

Big flat vista's...

And ends at the mouth of the Marahau River.

I am parked for the night in a camping ground called 'The Barn'.
It's a wide open space but with excellent faciities... I've already
tried the hot showers! With the temperature in my bus this morning
at a mere 8deg I just want to put on enough warm clothes as
quickly as possible so I don't die of frostbite and light the fire.
Tonight's overnight low is predicted to be somewhere
between 4 and 5deg so early morning showering will again
not be on the agenda until my bus is warm and I walk over
to the unlimited hot showers.
This is looking to the west. it's 5.30pm and the sun had
disappeared behind the hills...

To the east it's a gentle sunset... I'm looking across the
paddock to the sea.

It's full moon...

Spectacular as it rises...

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