Friday, 20 February 2015

Look At This Amazing Manuka Honey...

This honey is pure Manuka honey from Aorere Apiaries in Rockville near Collingwood.
Telephone 03-5248285

I had come to the last of my 6kg of Far North honey.  I needed to find an apiary in Golden Bay that
processed manuka honey - my favouite - and would sell to me direct.  A Google search came up with Aorere Apiaries and yes they had manuka honey and yes they would fill my 6kg container... $30 a kilo...

So off I went out into the wilderness along yet another very dusty gravel road with instructions on how to get there. I went on a day that the honey was being extracted from the frames straight out of the hives. I learnt that the first extraction takes out all the soft multi flora honey leaving the manuka honey behind as it is a much firmer consistency. During the second extraction a special machine pricks each tiny cell in the frames which helps get the manuka honey out. I watched the whole process and the filtering process. This honey is only filtered once. It fills up big drums, a few are sold in New Zealand the rest exported overseas. New Zealand produces more manuka honey than required, other countries don't produce enough.

When I was there the multi flora honey was being processed. I left my container and collected it a few days later.

Yum, yum... Fresh honey on hot toast... I also have it in my lemon drink every morning...

This honey is quite soft and runny but will firm up and harden as it ages. 6kg lasts me a long time... I love it straight from the bees and not processed a second time by manufacturers who re-sell it.

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