Sunday, 1 February 2015

Collingwood... And It's Raining...

This is the second time I have been in Collingwood, parked in the lovely little camping ground at site # 26. Lots of adventures in between which I will go back to... But today it's raining heavily. I came to go to the Wild Food Festival but don't think that will be happening.
This lovely rain, which is supposed to continue all day and tonight, will water the country side and lower the very high fire risk. The famers will all be happy and it will fill  up all the water tanks for people who rely on rain water and when there isn't any have to pay $300 for a tanker delivery.
The tide is in again and although there is a lot of water it's not deep for fishing. When the rain stops I will explore round the corner and the sandy beach which apparently is the fishing spot.
Meanwhile it's an inside day...

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  1. Hi Angela, Great to read your latest blog, missed you. Raining here in Marton, enjoy the rain. Cheers from Katherine.