Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Black Gold... And...

 Kaikoura... Means Kai = food... Koura = crayfish...
But the other thing Kaikoura is well know for is Paua... In
other countries known as Abalone. In Kaikoura it is referred to
as 'black gold'... It is sold for $107.50 for 0.5kg. That's a
whopping $215 per kilo... Like eating gold? Read about it here.

We were given some, probably about 1/2 a kg.  Minced
up and made into fritters... Mmm... I could have been
eating my old gumboots! But other people love it.
The best part of this meal was the butterfish fillets
pan friend in butter served with spinach, pear,
walnut and feta salad.

I found this recipe in a 'Wilderness' magazine I was reading...
I have had some almond meal in my fridge for ages... They
were delicious. I used a mixture of fruit and nuts I had in my
pantry. A good was to use up bits and pieces. I would
make them again, great for snacks with morning coffee or
when out on a walk/tramp.

This is the other thing I have made recently... A Frittata...
I get really annoyed when I'm at a cafe for lunch and
their fittata is full of big lumps of potato and they
tend to be quite tasteless... So I set myself a challenge...
And here is the end result.
It was the end of the shopping week so lots of 'bit's'
of veges left in the fridge... I used pumpkin, kumera,
celery, carrot, chopped and pre-cooked some streaky
bacon and grated some parmesan cheese. Par cook
the veges, tip into a suitable container, add bacon and
cheese and mix through. Beat 4 eggs, add some cream
and pour over. Bake 180deg till set in the middle.
Yum... Yum... As good as any cafe and SO easy.

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