Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ten Days In Christchurch...

Well... Here I am again. Have you missed me?
I haven't really been doing anything exciting...
And for the last two months I've been battling colds
and had pneumonia. I'm well again now - more or less -
I don't cope with the cold South Island winters very well.

I was in Kaikoura, both getting over pneumonia and
spending time with a friend here who had a hip replacement.
Then went back to Christchurch to see my Dad again 
for ten days. I had a rental car... And I tell you I could 
hardly keep up with the old bugger. It's hard work 
taking somebody out in a wheel chair.

 Here I am parked on the side of the road again - In my usual
spot outside Dad's rest home. Over time I have become a
bit of a fixture and a regular part of the neighbourhood. The
lady who lives in the house where I am parked gives me
vegetables out of her garden and asks me to have showers
in her house - I never did get round to that. Another neighbour
brought me fresh eggs and gave me firewood and the people
who live in the villa that Dad used to occupy come and visit
and chat and sit by my fire. It's lovely.

 As soon as I told Dad I was getting a rental car he wanted to 
go out... He would have gone out every day!
Here we are at a cafe up on Cashmere Hills in the
sun enjoying lunch. There is a view out the window looking
out over Christchurch. It takes Dad ages to decide what he
wants to eat. After being in a rest home with little
choice, it takes a lot of thinking about. Here he's enjoying
bacon, mushrooms and sausages with ciabatta bread and
a beer as big as he is. He laughed and laughed at that!
At the end of this month he will be 97! Nothing
wrong with his appetite when he's out.
He had a lovely surprise visit from one of his grand daughters.
She and her family live in Brisbane so it was a special
time.  We all went out for lunch to Pukeko Junction.
Again great choices of food and it was all lovely.

We also had hearing aid check ups, stocked up on
necessary new clothes and toiletries and whisky and
chocolate and he likes to have his own jars of honey, marmalade
vegemite and the pickle he's very find of - on his
toast for breakfast.

And it was time for me to go again... Back to Kaikoura
where I am house sitting for a friend for a month and
I have become a working girl, also for the same friend
looking after her shop "Gecko Gearz" that sells
clothes, jewellery, woolly hats, scarves and slippers.
But more about that soon...

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