Thursday, 23 July 2015

House Sitting... And Animals...

 This is where I'm house sitting for a month... About ten minutes
drive from Kaikoura town... On the Inland Road... The
road that goes to Mt Lyford (52km) and Hanmer Springs(126km).
It basks in the sun but with the snowy mountain close by
it still needs the log burner fire going to keep it warm.

 The property is five acres, neighbors around but none too close
so it's beautifully private and quiet.

 Three little vegetable and herb gardens, all fenced in to keep the
chickens out and any rats and possums.

 This is the barn where hay for the sheep is and the
chicken feed... And the firewood. There is a wheelbarrow
that I pile the hay onto and a bucket for the chook
feed, they also eat the kitchen scraps.
 The driveway up to the front door. Great when it's raining,
not that it does much. Can you spot the barrow load
of wood tucked under the eaves so it keeps dry and I don't get wet.

 The driveway back to the road...

 These are three of the chooks who free range....

 And the eight sheep... They are Wiltshires, self shedding wool,
hence their funny looking coats... I've found that out since
I've been here. One was a pet lamb so every morning wants
it's nose scratched! They're in lamb but no babies yet thank goodness.
 In the top right corner you can see the chook house. I climb over
 a style and tramp across the paddock.
The first week I was here was a week of extremely heavy frosts.
The grass was frozen and slippery and the water trough
was thick frozen ice. I smashed it with a big rock...
Managing to get wet in the process of course!

The other four chooks live in this newly erected house. It seems
a bit mean shutting them up so I leave the door open and
they wander around but go back in at night and to get fed.
The rooster from here fights with the other free range roosters.
Quite a sight and entertaining as they fly into the
air and their feathers ruffle round their necks.
They haven't killed each other yet!

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