Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gecko Gearz Kaikoura - Where I Spend My Working Days!

 While I'm house sitting in Kaikoura for a month, this
is where I work for three days a week. I start at 9am and
close when the last customer goes, somewhere between
5 and 6pm. I meet some very interesting people from all
round the world and have learned to process Eftpos and 
credit cards, cash up and balance the till at the end of each
day, lock up and set the alarm... Lots of new skills!

 This is the counter where I do the usual wrapping and 
processing payment things...

 It's an Aladin's Cave full of all sorts of things...
Racks of clothes from tops, summer tops, dresses...
jewellery, hats, fancy hair clips, kids friendship bracelets
and looms...

 Little bags, boots, incense... More jewellery and dresses...

 Some dresses and coats from a New Zealand
designer in Nelson...

 Bikini's, T shirts, shorts...

 Scarves galore of every colour... And one of the biggest
winter sellers, these thick heavy zip up woollen jackets.
 Made in Nepal from New Zealand wool, fully lined,
some with hoods...

 A good selection of warm jackets and rain coats...

 These are Possum/Merino scarves, hats and gloves... The
wall is looking rather bare I have sold so many.

And a selection of thick knitted gloves and slippers.

All sorts of things for keeping warm, being cool if you are
going tripping to the northern hemisphere where it's summer, 
going to a wedding or funeral or picking up a sale bargain.
If you are passing this way, call in you can browse and
keep warm from the cold weather for ages.

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