Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Cake Anyone?

I've just made my Christmas cake...
Much the same recipe as last year with a few variations.
It's delicious.

 It's a bit like a 'Cathedral' cake.
The light shines through it.

 This is the recipe...
But I changed the fruit. I had a lot of mixed dried fruit...
Raisins, currants, sultanas and peel that I wanted to use up.
So I soaked it in a cup of brandy for eight weeks... Yes eight weeks...
The smell was divine.
I added dried pineapple pieces and dried
New Zealand apricots into the other
fruit and soaked that overnight.
Next day I added the cherries and nuts

Here's the final mix... Lots of fruit and nuts... More than the recipe says...
But that doesn't matter.
My cooking is always a little 'creative'.

Then the flour and spices... I put double the recipe.

 Then the eggs... I put six.

 The tins are ready...

And into the oven. 150 deg C for 2 hours.
The front cake is in a flexibe silicone container...
I didn't line it like the other two metal tins.
The silicone is supposed to be non-stick... And it was.

Out of the oven... Just perfect...
Moist... Sublime flavour... Very moreish...
Like a slice?
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  1. That cake looks damn yummy and I want some, well more than just some...

  2. The cake looks great! The cook of the household hangs her head in shame and admits that she has never ever made a Christmas cake! Perhaps next year.