Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My New Awning... In Time For Summer!

This is my new awning.
It's silver grey... The same as the roof colour
so blends in very well. I didn't want a bright feature colour...
Or a stripe that gives varying filtered light underneath it.

The projection is 1700mm. The canvas is 100% UV.
It is pulled out with a long light-weight pole with a hook on the end...
It's very easy to do. Springs hold it in place.
There are no poles to the ground, no guy ropes... Nothing at all.
If it's very windy and a big gust lifts it up...
The spring causes it to shut itself.
Rain water runs into the housing across the front,
which has a drain hole at each end.
The one on the near end has a hose fitting on it...
I can attach a hose and fill my fresh water tank...
Easy Peasy!

This is where I had it made.
'Shademaker'... in Mount Maunganui.
Their service and workmanship was excellent.
It has a five year warranty.
Their prices are very comparable with other places
that produce a similar quality product.
The whole thing from 'Go to Whoa' was done in  six hours.
I highly recommend them if you are needing a custom made awning.

First the measurements and working out where the mechanics of
the awning were going to fit on my bus...
Which is not an easy shape with curved sides and roof and radio aerials
and the door and drop down table...

But it was all measured and sorted out and here the runner is on the roof.
The awning edge fits into this...

Here the 'arms' attached, one by the door...
The other one further along the side past the big windows.
Very unobtrusive and neat.
Underneath the arm there is a runner that the arm slides up and down.

The bracket on the top that the awning housing fits into...

Here... Measuring the arm for height...
It has to clear the opening door, be high enough to walk under,
and low enough to create shade where it needs to be.

This is the arm, a strengthening bracket being put on...
And here you can see the runner that the arm slides up and down on.

Putting the awning on...
The edge of the canvas slides along the rail on the roof.

It's on... and the arm attachments being tightened up.
It's all very ingenious and simple.

Here the awning is out and the height and levels are being checked.

Here you can see a bolt. This serves two purposes...
It stops the arm going any higher up the housing...
When the awning is closed the hook pictured below goes over the bolt so
it is secured when driving.
The screw underneath also has two purposes...
When the awning is out, it is tightened to keep it in place...
When the awning is closed it is tightened to stop it rattling while driving.

The safety hook.
It's all a great design.
I'm very happy.
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  1. It's totally wonderful, a great addition to your already beautiful bus, already the envy of many... if only a few had the courage, the determination and the belief in themselves as you do. Good on you. I'm proud to know you...

  2. Looks fabulous! Great idea Angela _I'm sure you will get lots of enjoyment out of it _or should I say underneath it!