Friday, 28 December 2012

Food... Food... Glorious Christmas Food...

I think it's generally acknowledged that we over-eat on Christmas day...
And the next day wish we hadn't... Sort of... Coz it was all so yummy.

This year was no exception... I made Christmas Fruit Mince
earlier in the year and it has been marinating away.
I spooned it into little pastry cases and topped them
with soft Buffalo cheese... Delicious.

I had bought fresh strawberries which I managed to keep
 in a cool place till Christmas Day. 
I made chocolate dipping sauce... To die for!

Here is the recipe...

I have made this recipe for the last 30 years. You won’t buy one as good. Put all in a pan and boil for 2 minutes:
2 tab cocoa
½ cup dark brown or palm sugar
1 tsp vanilla
½ cup water
knob of butter
Use hot or keep in air tight container in fridge and use cold. Will go thicker when cold. Delicious over ice cream or berries

And Christmas cake which I have already given you the recipe for.
We nibbled and indulged all day.
In the evening we had 'dinner'.
Beautiful cold ham off the bone... New potatoes, it's the only time of the  year I eat potatoes...
They were little and waxy and delicious...
 Fresh peas with mint... And a salad.
I cooked extra potatoes and peas for a cold potato salad the next day...
But there weren't any left!

We finished out dinner with this fruit salad...
Fresh nectarines and kiwi fruit with diced goat feta cheese.
It was a lovely combination.

Chocolates... Of course...


And a beautiful 'Saints' 2003 Gisborne 'noble semillon'.
I didn't get on the scales for a few days after all that!

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