Friday, 4 January 2013

My Outdoor Shower

This is my outdoor shower...
You probably haven't taken too much notice
of my door, but the aluminium shower panels fold against the door...
The shower is a bit high just now
as my front wheel is up on two levelling chocks
so it's a big step down to the ground.
But it all makes for privacy...
As there are now a lot of buses and
motorhomes parked here.
The before Christmas wilderness has gone.

The panels unfold when needed.
I have a bracing rod for the door to keep it in place
and the panels hook into the little rain gutter
that runs along above my lockers.
It works perfectly.

I heat some water... I fill up my big stainless steel pot...
That doubles as a kitchen rubbish bin, or a water catcher...
Or a bowl for mixing Christmas cakes!
And heat it up, or use water that is heating in a black polythene bag
 lying in the sun...
It's called solar power!
It sits on the bottom step... I take the towel and mat away of course.
I have been gathering rain water...
And walk, not far, to a nearby lake and fill up a couple of ten litre bottles...
This keeps  my better quality fresh water for drinking and cooking.

I use a bilge pump - hanging here.
It plugs into my 12 volt system at the front of the bus,
the pump goes in the water, the shower head in my hand...
And hey presto! A wonderful shower.

Have you got any original or quirky shower stories?
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