Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tomatoes... Water... Bamboo... And Things

I am growing a tomato plant... Only one as that's all I have room for.
When I planted it, it was a tiny plant with four leaves.
Two weeks later it's fast growing into a trifid...
So I needed to do something about supporting it.
I'm making a frame for it to grow around...
It's a 'Sweet 100' and by nature they are a vine
so I'm leaving the laterals on to encourage it to bush
and not grow too hugely tall.

  I went walking to the nearby lake to get water
and there is a bamboo grove... Ideal for stakes.
So I walked along the beach...

And round the road to the lake.

It's known as Coca Cola Lake as the water is brown...
It's real name is Lake Rotopokaka.
Beautiful for swimming and washing my hair.

I took my trolley... Easiest way to carry the water bottles.

Cut some bamboo with my saw... It's a Silky Zubat 330.
It's the best little saw I have ever had.
It's pruning saw size and scarily sharp.
Because things in my bus need to have more than one use...
It's also my self defence weapon...
It lives handy to my door...
An intruder would be foolish to try and take on this lovely little saw...
With me behind it!

So I cut my bamboo and walked home with the water and stakes.
I used flax to hold it all together...

And here it is... An original, asymetrical construction.
The tomato is happy... Watch this space for when it has fruit on.

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  1. Hi Angela
    Good luck with your tomatoe growing. it seems to be coming on well. We are camping here at Carterton Motor Camp over Xmas and our friends brought pots of lettuce and tomatoe plants along too, to give them fresh salad veggies.
    That saw looks lethal - hope nobody gives you any trouble!