Friday, 3 May 2013

Fishing Anyone?

I wanted to go to a fishing shop while I was in Australia
but I couldn't find one anywhere.
So I 'Googled' and found this one...
Not too far from where I was staying.

We pulled up outside in the car...
It looked promising...
And in I went.

Well... I hadn't seen anything quite like this before.
It was a tiny shop and absolutely packed floor to ceiling...

With everything imaginable for fishing.

All over the walls...

And then there was the bait... All fresh...
Underneath the glass counter top.




Sardines or Herrings or...

And I don't know what this is.
I did ask but can't remember.
People buy their fresh bait and off to the beach
which is just over the road or round the next bend...
In Australia a license is required to fish in the sea if
you are between the ages of 18 and 65.
It seemed a bit ludicrous as the sea is such a vast space
but the money is used to build reefs and similar to protect the
coast and beaches.

There were numerous fishing rods...

And reels and line... Everywhere.

This is what I had come for...
Floats and glow sticks.

And all because I had found this one on the beach
and was curious to know what it was and what
it's used for.
I did untangle it and found the line going through the float
with two hooks and the sinker on the bottom.
The glow sticks fit in the top.
They are used at night for surf casting.
A glow stick is also put on the tip of the rod.
It was fascinating to watch... The tip of the rod
flick through the air and the float on the water.
Of course... It goes without saying...
I bought some to take back to New Zealand.
I can't wait to try them out... I'm told the fish are attracted to the glow!

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