Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Last Day In Sydney...

We had spent the day at the Art Gallery
enjoying a feast of paintings
then decided we would walk through the
Royal Botanical Gardens... A beautifully kept place.

 We discovered the 'Lewis Wolfe Levy Drinking Fountain'.
Levy was a distinguished member of the Jewish
community who migrated to Sydney from London in 1840.

It's the most spectacular bubbler in Sydney.
It was erected in 1889 and has a base of beautifully
polished red and grey granite.
At the top is a bronze statue of a woman,
allegedly the goddess Diana, surrounded
by reeds and wetland animals including bullfrogs
spraying water from their mouths. The four corners of the
fountain have a large bubbler mounted on them.
Steps provide access for children and it is a popular
stopping point for tourists to have a drink and
pose for photos...
Which is what I did!

The magnificent bubbler... It attracts people to it
and even non-bubbler users are tempted to have a sip
of water.  The burbling of the fountain water
combined with the beautiful sculptural details
make it an auditory and visual treat to use.

We wandered through the Succulent Garden...
It was amazing with some plants so tall
they had to be many years old.

From there we walked through the Domain
to the Sydney Harbour, Mrs Macquarie's Point and Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

It is one of the best vantage points in Sydney.
The chair was carved out of a sandstone rock ledge for
Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife Elizabeth in 1816.
It is at the end of a road he built that was 3 miles
and 77 yards long. Elizabeth visited and sat here
and enjoyed the panoramic views of the harbour.

We then walked around the harbour from
Mrs Macquaries Point to Bennelong Point...

And the Opera House.

Part of the grounds around the Opera House are
being repaired and up graded and are closed.
A temporary bridge and steps is the access to...

The humming metropolis.
It was early Friday evening and all of Sydney
seemed to be here.

We decided to do the same and eventually found a space
with a table and sat and enjoyed a glass of red wine
as the sun went down.

The city lights as it got darker...

And the the sunset behind the bridge.
It was magical.
We walked to Circular Quay then through The Rocks area...
Then the bus stop and the L90 back to Palm Beach.
Next morning I had my last walk along the beach
to the rock pool, enjoyed my last coffee at the
beach cafe, collected my last shells...
Then packed my bag and off to the airport...
And back to New Zealand.
I had a fantastic 3 weeks holiday.

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  1. Yes, indeed, you have had a great holiday!

    Are you missing your bus, perhaps?