Monday, 12 August 2013

A Walk In The Park... Spring Is Emerging...

Christchurch is very fortunate that
the early Provincial Government had the fore-sight
to establish this 164.637 hectare green area in 1855,
named Hagley Park after Lord Lyttelton's country estate.

We went for a walk round 'Little Hagley' which is 6.96 hectares
and bordered on all sides by roads and traffic.
Spring is emerging from the cold ground...

There are a lot of trees...

This walkway goes all the way around

Every spring these daffodils emerge...

It always seems too cold for such fragile
little flowers

Rows of old Oak trees...

100's of bulbs have been planted and
multiplied in great numbers

Big old bushes...

Produce these perfumed clusters

Soon the trees will be clothed in new green dresses

Here is a brave blossom tree

Making a beautiful splash of colour
on a very cold grey day

English Snowdrops...

Early Rhododendrons...

And Camellias...

And this magnificent old tree...
I think it might be a flowering plum
but I'm not sure...

 You can see why Christchurch is known as
'The Garden City'.
I have  walked round various parts of Hagley
Park and the Botanic Gardens many times
but I always love it... In all seasons
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