Thursday, 29 August 2013

Whangarei... Parked In The Town Basin

Since leaving Christchurch and returning to Northland I spent a
few days with my friends in Russell then came to Whangarei.
I am parked in the Town Basin... A developing and trendy area
on the Hatea River which as it flows east goes out to sea
at the Whangarei Heads. It's a place where a lot of yachts
moor to replenish, take shelter from the weather
or to spend some time before they move to to their
next destination when the weather is favourable

Since I was last here the local council has been busy
cutting down the Mangroves and cleaning up the river.
It's looking wonderful and opens up the river a lot.
This is where I am parked... At the end of a big council
car park that is very friendly to buses and motor homes
parking for a few days

This is now the view from my bus windows...
Looking west towards the city...

And looking east... Into the sunrise.

It was a perfect clear early morning...
Chilly but the sun is just emerging. It was damp
and still. I went for a walk with my camera...

There is a new pathway round the river... Not very far so
I hope there are plans for extending it.

This is a new bridge that has recently been completed...
Now the 2nd bridge across the Hatea River. It's built to
look like a Waka... Maori canoe

Further round is an industrial area...
The reflections are amazing...

And there is nobody else around

To disturb the peacefulness

Towards the end of the path are these stone creations...

The stone waka symbolises the culture of Aotearoa (Land of the Long
White Cloud - New Zealand). The wave symbolises the way
that culture has been engulfed by waves of settlement and
colonisation. Even so the waka remains intact and the
way its prow emerges from the waves shows how our culture
has survived the waves of change....
All according to an information board nearby.

On my way back...

This newly developed reserve area is a very popular place
especially at weekends

There's my bus... Breakfast next...

As I enjoy this wonderful morning.
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  1. Love the look of the waterfront there in Whangarei, I have a good friend who lives up that way but haven't been able to get that far to visit her. Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading it. I hope one day to have my own campervan so that I can explore.

  2. Hello there, I really enjoy reading your blog and hope one day to have my own campervan so that I can explore. I have a friend who lives in Whangarei area so it's great to see the photos of the town basin. I haven't yet made it up her way to visit, although she has been down here on training/conferences.